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Picturing the USS Titan

In the 2002 movie Star Trek Nemesis it was revealed Captain Riker would be taking command of a starship of his own, the USS Titan. Almost nothing else was revealed about the ship on-screen, other than that Deanna Troi would be joining Riker on the new ship, and their first mission would be to deal with the fall-out on Romulus after the events of the film.

With the TNG-era done on-screen, the door was left open for new adventures of this new ship in Star Trek fiction, and Pocket Books made sure those adventures came, starting in 2005 with new book series featuring Riker's new ship, Star Trek: Titan.

Taking Wing, the first book in that new series, established the Titan as Luna class, a medium sized vessel of exploration. That book also included details of a competition to design the Luna class Titan. The winning design would be selected by a panel of Star Trek experts, and would become the official design of the new ship, and be featured on a future book cover. As the rules described:
All designs will be judged by the Star Trek editorial staff at Pocket Books, together with Star Trek designers Doug Drexler, Michael Okuda, and Rick Sternbach; Associate Producer, Star Trek: Enterprise David Rossi; Senior Director of Licensed Publishing for Viacom Consumer Products Paula M. Block; and Manager of Licensed Publishing for Viacom Consumer Products John Van Citters, all of whom are fully qualified to apply the stated judging criteria. Entries will be judged on the basis of originality (25%), execution (25%), consistency with the U.S.S. Titan Concept Notes (25%), consistency with Star Trek Starfleet style (25%). The winning design will be published in an upcoming Star Trek: Titan novel, and will be used as the basis for cover art on the same book. The winning designer will be credited on the novel's copyright page. In the event that there is an insufficient number of submissions received that meet the minimum standards determined by the judges, the prize will not be awarded.
The rules also included details of the Luna class, which the winning design would have to conform to (continues after the jump):

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The Dossiers were a section of the 2009 Star Trek movie website (, which have subsequently been lost as the site has been updated to promote the next Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. They provided brief introductions to the key characters, locations, starships, and institutions of Star Trek, including details about those subjects which at the time were completely new information, and indeed some facts which remain unique to the dossiers. There were sixteen dossiers in total, which also offered the image as a downloadable wallpaper, without the text.

The Dossiers

01. James T. Kirk
Student/Starfleet Academy.

Top of his class in survival strategies and tactical analysis.

Assistant Instructor in Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Treasurer of Starfleet Academy's Xenolinguistics club.

Origin: Iowa - Earth.
02. Captain Christopher Pike
Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

Rose to his rank in only four years - the quickest in Starfleet history. Serves as Executive Officer in Starfleet's recruiting division.

Origin: Mojave - Earth.
03. Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Student/Starfleet Academy: Medical Officer.

Top of his class in anatomical and forensic pathology. Attended Earth's University of Mississippi.
04. U.S.S. Kelvin
Federation starship number NCC-0514.

Single warp nacelle. Used primarily as a survey vessel.

Captain: Richard Robau

First Officer: George Kirk
05. Uhura
Student/Starfleet Academy.

Specializes in xenolinguistics, tracking toward communications officer.

Proficient in 83% of official Federation languages and regional dialects.

Current Academy aide for Advanced Phonology and Advanced Acoustical Engineering courses.

Vice president of Starfleet Academy's Chorale Ensemble.

Origin: Africa.
06. Spock
Commander at Starfleet Academy.

Current instructor of Advanced Phonology and Interspecies Ethics. Specializes in computer programming, tracking toward Science Officer.

Awarded the title of "Grandmaster" by the Federation's Three-dimensional Chess Organization.

Lineage: Half-Vulcan, half-human.
07. Starfleet Academy
Main training facility for Starfleet cadets.

Headquartered in San Francisco.

They typical officer training program lasts between 4 - 7 years.

Sample courses include "Transporter Theory", "Temporal Mechanics" and "Intrasystem Peacekeeping Operations".

Motto: "Ex Astris, Scientia".
08. United Federation of Planets
Interstellar union of advanced civilizations ensuring mutual prosperity based on the principles of universal freedom, rights and equality for all types of life.

Founded by Humans, Vulcans, Androrians, and Tellarites in the spirit of enhancing peace and cooperation between worlds.

Current membership includes 120 planets and 700 colonies.

Headquartered in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.
09. Vulcan
Class M planet. No moons.

One of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Homeworld to the humanoid race of Vulcans. Governed by the Vulcan High Command.

Climate conditions: dry, harsh desert, mountain ranges, scattered, small oceans.

Major cities: Gol and Shi'Kahr.
10. Montgomery Scott
Starfleet Officer.
Specialty: Engineering.

Awarded first in his class at Starfleet Academy, later revoked due to disciplinary action.

Former Academy aide for Admiral Archer's "Advanced Relativistic Mechanics" course.

Origin: Scotland.
11. Pavel Chekov
Starfleet Officer.
Rank: Ensign.
Specialty: Navigation.

Top of his class in "Stellar Cartography" and "Transporter Theory".

Expert in advanced theoretical physics.

Youngest cadet in history to win the Starfleet Academy Marathon.

Origin: Russia.
12. Hikaru Sulu
Starfleet Officer.
Rank: Lieutenant.
Position: Helmsman.

Top of his class in "Astrosciences" and "Advanced Botany".

Founded Starfleet Academy's "European Swordmanship" club.

Origin: San Francisco.
13. U.S.S. Enterprise
Federation Starfleet vessel NCC-1701.

Constitution class heavy cruiser.

Maximum speed: Warp 8.

Held in Beta Testing Ward 956 - approved for combat.
14. Nero
Commander of the Romulan mining vessel "Narada".

His discovery of massive lithium deposits on planet Delta Vega helped end Romulus's long-standing energy crisis.

Current Whereabouts: Unknown.
15. Jellyfish
Single-occupancy vessel commissioned by the Vulcan Science Academy.

Maximum speed: Warp 8.
16. Narada
Romulan mining vessel.

Class: Unknown.
Weaponry: Unknown.
Defenses: Unknown.
Maximum speed: Unknown.

Captain: Nero.
First Officer: Ayel.

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Translations: Hebrew Star Trek novels and comics

This article is a history of Star Trek books published in Hebrew, from Israel. Several publishers have produced Star Trek novel translations in Hebrew, all TOS and TNG books. One publisher also produced a short run of Star Trek comics in Hebrew.

Zmora Bitan Modan (1979 -1982)
The first Star Trek books published in Israel came from Zmora Bitan Modan, who published four of James Blish's novelization anthologies (though curiously skipped the fourth book and went straight to number five) in 1979, and the original novel Trek to Madworld in 1982.

מסע בין כוכבים 1: החוק של צ'רלי
  • Published: 1979.
  • Original: Star Trek 1 - 1967.
  • Translator: Micha Yanai.

מסע בין כוכבים :2: מחר הוא האתמול
  • Published: 1979.
  • Original: Star Trek 2 - 1968.
  • Translator: L.E.D. Yehudai.

מסע בין כוכבים 3. מכונת יום הדין
  • Published: 1979.
  • Original: Star Trek 3 - 1969.
  • Translator: L.E.D. Yehudai.

מסע בין כוכבים 5 . כוכב גן העדן
  • Published: 1979.
  • Original: Star Trek 5 - 1972.
  • Translator: L.E.D. Yehudai.

מסע לעולם מטורף
Light Publishing (1979)
Light Publishing made its sole Star Trek book in 1979 with the translation of the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

מסע בין כוכבים :הסרט
  • Published: 1980.
  • Original: Star Trek: The Motion Picture - 1979.
  • Translator: Joseph Rust.
  • Cover: Art by Bob Peak, reuse of original movie poster art.
Queen Comics (1987)
Queen Comics did a short run of Star Trek comics in 1987, translating the first few issues of DC Comics' first TOS series. There appaer to have been four books published, but the three covers I have so far found reuse the artwork from the original first, third and fifth issues of the DC series. As the first four issues make up a continuous story arc it would seem an odd decision to drop one issue in favour of skipping to the fifth issue - However the publisher did apparently have a habit of picking and choosing non-consecutive issues from other series they published, so it's possible. Another possibility is that the original issues were split and spread acorss the four books published. The only thing I know for sure is I don't know exactly what is in these four books!:

(אנטרפרייז (קשר חור התולעת
  • Published: 1987.
  • Original: The Wormhole Connection - 1984.
  • Translator: Amos Eran.
  • Cover: Art by George Perez, reused of original DC cover.

הקלינגון הטוב
  • Published: 1987.
  • Translator: Amos Eran.

(אוייבים וידידים.(שותפות קטלנית
  • Published: 1987.
  • Translator: Amos Eran.
  • Cover: Art by George Perez, reused of original DC#3 cover.

אלים בני תמותה
  • Published: 1987.
  • Original: Mortal Gods - 1984.
  • Translator: Amos Eran.
  • Cover: Art by Tom Sutton and Sal Amendola, reused of original DC cover.
Kinneret Publishing (1992)
Kinneret Publishing were the next to appear with just one Trek book, this time the novelization of Encounter at Farpoint.

מסע לפארפוינט
Maariv Book Guild (1994-1995)
The Maariv Book Guild had a short run of Star Trek books starting in 1994. They published translations of several Bantam original TOS novels, in hardcover format.

עולם בלי קץ
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: World Without End - 1974.
  • Translator: Ofra Ofer.
  • Cover: Art by Enric Torres-Prat, reused of 1985 Bantam Books cover.

עולם ללא כוכבים
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: The Starless World - 1978.
  • Translator: Ofra Ofer.
  • Cover: Art by Kazuhiko Sano, reused of 1994 Bantam Spectra cover.

מחירו של הפניקס
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: The Price of the Phoenix - 1977.
  • Translator: David Enoch.
  • Cover: Art by Kazuhiko Sano, reused of 1993 Bantam Spectra cover. 

ספוק משיח!
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: Spock, Messiah! - 1976.
  • Translator: David Enoch.
  • Cover: Reused of 1993 Bantam Books cover.
Snow (1994-1997)
Snow also began publishing Star Trek translations in 1994, but they focused on TNG; printing translations of several early TNG novels; the first four books in the Starfleet Academy series; and finally the novelization of First Contact.

שומרי השלום
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: The Peacekeepers - 1988.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Maelo Cintron, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

מסיכת החוכמה
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: Masks - 1989.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Maelo Cintron, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

כבודו של הקפטין
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: The Captains' Honor - 1989.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Enric Torres-Prat, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

כוכב הפיראטים
  • Published: 1994.
  • Original: Debtors' Planet - 1994.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Keith Birdsong, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

תחנת פרומתאוס בסכנה
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: Worf's First Adventure - 1993.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Catherine Huerta, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

משימה בדאנטאר
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: Line of Fire - 1993.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Catherine Huerta, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

המאבק בבריקאר
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: Survival - 1993.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Catherine Huerta, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

המאבק בסאפיר
  • Published: 1995.
  • Original: Capture the Flag - 1994.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Art by Catherine Huerta, reuse of original Pocket Books cover art.

  • Published: 1997.
  • Original: First Contact - 1996.
  • Translator: Inbal Sagiv.
  • Cover: Reuse of original movie poster art.

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Bantam's novelizations by James Blish (first editions)

In 1967 Bantam Books published the first ever Star Trek book, Star Trek, by James Blish, an anthology of TOS episode adaptations. In the years to follow Blish adapted the rest of the episodes; producing a total of twelve books. The final book was co-authored by L.A. Lawrence, who then wrote one more novelization; Mudd's Angels, which contained adaptations of both Harry Mudd episodes plus a new original story. The first book in the Blish series was, in later reprints, re-titled Star Trek 1, conforming to the numbered titles of the rest of the series. This article is a listing of the twelve Blish adaptations, showcasing their first edition covers:

Star Trek
  • Published: January 1967.
  • Cover artist: James Bama.
  • Contents: Charlie's Law (Charlie X), Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy (The Man Trap), Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Conscience of the King.

Star Trek 2
  • Published: February 1968.
  • Cover: Photomontage.
  • Contents: Arena, A Taste of Armageddon, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, Errand of Mercy, Court Martial, Operation -- Annihilate!, The City on the Edge of Forever, Space Seed.

Star Trek 3
  • Published: April 1969.
  • Cover: Photomontage.
  • Contents: The Trouble With Tribbles, The Last Gunfight (Spectre of the Gun), The Doomsday Machine, Assignment: Earth, Mirror, Mirror, Friday's Child, Amok Time.

Star Trek 4
  • Published: July 1971.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: A Piece of the Action, All Our Yesterdays, The Enterprise Incident, The Menagerie, Journey to Babel, The Devil in the Dark.

Star Trek 5
  • Published: February 1972.
  • Cover artist: Mitchell Hooks, signed M. Hooks.
  • Contents: Whom Gods Destroy, The Tholian Web, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, This Side of Paradise, Turnabout Intruder, Requiem for Methuselah, The Way to Eden.

Star Trek 6
  • Published: April 1972.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: The Savage Curtain, The Lights of Zetar, The Apple, By Any Other Name, The Cloud Minders, The Mark of Gideon.

Star Trek 7
  • Published: July 1972.
  • Cover artist: Signed CHB
  • Contents: Who Mourns for Adonais?, The Changeling, The Paradise Syndrome, Metamorphosis, The Deadly Years, Elaan of Troyius.

Star Trek 8
  • Published: November 1972.
  • Cover artist: Lou Feck.
  • Contents: Spock's Brain, The Enemy Within, Catspaw, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Wolf in the Fold, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.

Star Trek 9
  • Published: August 1973.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones.
  • Contents: Return to Tomorrow, The Ultimate Computer, That Which Survives, Obsession, The Return of the Archons, The Immunity Syndrome.

Star Trek 10
  • Published: February 1974.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones, signed as S. Fantoni.
  • Contents: The Alternative Factor, The Empath, The Galileo Seven, Is There in Truth No Beauty?, A Private Little War, The Omega Glory.

Star Trek 11
  • Published: April 1975.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones, signed as S. Fantoni.
  • Contents: What Are Little Girls Made Of?, The Squire of Gothos, Wink of an Eye, Bread and Circuses, Day of the Dove, Plato's Stepchildren.

Star Trek 12
  • Published: Novemeber 1977.
  • Cover artist: Eddie Jones
  • Contents: Patterns of Force, The Gamesters of Triskelion, And the Children Shall Lead, The Corbomite Maneuver, Shore Leave.
  • ISBN 0-553-11382-8